Perfect Parenting


Perfect Parenting program guides the parents to be on the same page with the children delightfully. Also, ability to guide the children on Study methods would be a blessing to children. Above all, daily auto-monitoring of the children with an innovative tool is provided to make parenting truly perfect.

Perfect Parenting [Recorded Sessions]

Eligibility: Parents (Strictly kids not to be present)
Focus Skills: Effective parenting skills
Harmonising with children
Bridging the gap
Counselling the children
Workshop facilitator: Dr. J.N Reddy
Mode: Recorded training with Follow-up activities + 1 special live session after the program
Duration: 10 hrs. of Intensive training + A special live session
Schedule: Saturdays + Sundays (5 weeks)
What is so special: Parenting Scale assessments, Handling challenging situations; becoming well-informed parent in handling children and to inculcate good habits in children.
Fees: Rs. 3450/- per couple
(We recommend both parents to attend together except in case of inevitable situation)

Workshop content:

  • Home Ambience
  • Personality traits to identify
  • Character insights
  • Handling Sibling rivalry
  • Empathy vs. Anti-pathy
  • Scientific Learning Skills
  • Stopping Emotional Blackmails
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Sub-conscious tuning
  • and many more ….