Train your Brain


1/3rd of every executive’s time is wasted in trying to recollect professional information ! Do you want to save that time and become a Memory master? Not just that, how about increasing your IQ power and activating your Brain remarkably ? If yes, this workshop is the one for you !

Train your Brain [Live Sessions]

Eligibility: Professionals, Executives, Businessmen, and homemakers
Focus Skills: Brain Activation
Memory Quotient Analysis
Memory Upskilling
Functional Memory
Duration: 25 hrs
What is so special: Pre assessment report + exclusive solutions for betterment + extensive monitoring and guidance

Workshop content:

  • Super Memory techniques
  • Brain power enhancement
  • Mental alertness & Sharpness
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • IQ Improvement
  • Remembering Professional data
  • Psychological tuning
  • Meditation for Brain Activation
  • Overcoming Absentmindedness
  • Permanent Memory
  • Rekindling Creativity
  • Forgetting to Forget
  • Discover the Genius within