Smart WRITE  Seniors


Everyone writes Exams, but only very few know how to write Smart and get more marks ! Every student should know : Speed writing, Aesthetic writing, Double gripping and Exam presentation ! And Graphological inputs enhance weightage to Handwriting !

Smart WRITE (Seniors) [Live Sessions]

Eligibility: IX Std. & above
Focus Skills: Speed writing ( WPM model )
Exam presentation
Psychological tuning
Aesthetics of Handwriting
Handwriting quotient
What is so special: Pre training assessment + Interim assessment + individualised corrections + sustenance methodology
Fees: Rs. 2650 ( inclusive of pdf training materials )

Workshop content:

  • 7 wonders of Handwriting
  • Science of writing
  • Strokes formation
  • Legibility in writing
  • Maturity in Handwriting
  • Scientific aspects of pen
  • Hidden imprints
  • Straight line handwriting
  • Wrist practice
  • Answer sheet preparation
  • Subconscious writing