In 1490, the Royal Committee of Spain ruled out any possibility of a voyage to Asia, because the western ocean was too big and not navigable. The very next year, Christopher Columbus conquered the western sea, and created history!

In 1825, London's Quarterly Review authoritatively declared that it is absurd to think of a fast-moving locomotive. In no time, George Stephenson invented the fast-moving steam locomotive.

In 1903, The New York Times observed that scientists were wasting their time and money in flying, as it was an impossible act for mankind. But the Wright Brothers proved them utterly wrong the very next week with their first successful flight at Kitty Hawk USA!

In 1948, The Science Digest, asserted that it would take at least 200 more years for man to land on the moon. But within 21 years, in 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon!

In 1962, a leading recording company wrote off Beetles as the Guitar group on the way out! Eventually, they conquered the music world.

In 1968, The Business Week wrote: With over fifteen types of foreign cars already on sale here, the Japanese auto industry is not likely to carve out a big share of the market for itself! In no time, Japanese cars invaded and captured the US market.

And the list goes on endlessly ...

Through this we come to realise that,

Very few Succeed by nature, Everyone can Excel through Nurture !