Scoring high marks in the Exams is an art. He who scores well, knows the art of presentation.After all, an Exam is written only for scoring marks, not to exhibit your brilliance.
This is where some brilliant students falter. They do not differentiate between knowing the subject and presenting it for scoring marks. Also, they unwisely choose questions which are difficult to score. Added to it, they often write too elaborately and fall short of time. We also come across some bright students who are lazy to write adequate answers though they know them thoroughly. Instead, they write very briefly and get less marks.
On the other hand, there are many average students who prepare for Exams meticulously and present immaculately. Obviously they get high scores and surprise everybody !
However, whether brilliant or average, most of the students who score very high marks, work very hard. Several of them spend 15 hrs a day – get up in the morning as early as 4’ o clock and work till 11’ o clock in the night. While I appreciate their interest and effort, I feel sorry for them. Absolutely, there is no need to slog like that ! After all, what is the point in achieving any thing losing the comfort of living. If a student follows scientific methods of study, he can do very well in studies effortlessly and score very high marks just like that !
But unfortunately, scientific methods of study are not imparted at any level of Education -- whether school, college or university. This may be mainly because at all levels, institutions are preoccupied with completion of the syllabus before the deadline. Apart from that, they have an additional pressure to conduct a number of tests and Exams such as weekly tests, cycle tests, unit tests, monthly tests, quarterly Exams, half yearly Exams, model Exams and of course, annual Exams! Then where is the time to think of exploring and imparting scientific methods of learning ? That is why most of the students remain ignorant of all these invaluable methods and thereby struggle day and night.