The most important cause for poor memory is that we allow time to elapse without refreshing our memory. The memory graph shows how much we remember after we finish learning something in a class, a lecture, a book or a speech.
The graph begins at about 80%, because normal learning does not result in 100% under- standing or memory. Based on common sense, we think we remember less and less as time passes. But, there is a surprise! We remember better at about 10 min. after the
learning finishes. The reason for this strange phenomenon is quite simple: at the moment the learning period finishes, the brain has not had enough time to organise or integrate every detail of our learning.
Research has shown that it needs a few minutes to store, organise and integrate these details.Therefore, the other graph shows that memory decreases sharply 10 minutes after the initial reading. Can you believe that we forget almost 80% of all that we have learnt within just 24 hours!
The cause of poor memory can be removed by systematic revision of whatever we wish to remember.
Extensive research in psychology shows that in order to remember for long, we need to recall next day, next week, next month, after 3 months, after 6 months and thereafter, yearly once!
Hence, systematic revision can help you maintain a very high memory and ability to recall what you learn. You will surely be amazed to see that systematic revision improves your memory multifold and strengthens your long-term memory to an unbelievable extent.