Even after 60 years of gaining independence, if we are still struggling, it is because, patriotism is rock bottom in this country. In a country like Japan or Germany, China or France, the countrymen are so attached to their country. They will not do anything that lets their motherland down.
But, I feel ashamed at the treachery prevalent in India. We are disgracefully rated as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Many in the Government offices are so uncourteous to the public. Often, people damage public property in the name of protests and bandhs. Lending a helping hand to fellow-citizens is confined to mere silver screen heroics. Civic sense takes no priority in public life. Values are vanishing; culture is getting eroded. To witness all these … any patriot’s heart bleeds.
Why are all these prevalent in our country? It is mainly because, in our Education system, Nationalistic and Patriotic teachings do not find a place in the curriculum at school or college level.
It is often a ritual to hoist the national flag and salute it twice a year, namely on August 15th and January 26th, listen, rather hear, a few pep talks and forget about it. What do we achieve by this hypocrisy ?
John F. Kennedy once said : Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country !
These wonderful words should linger in the ears of every citizen.
As parents, we can bell the cat to lift this country so as to realise the dream of Dr. Abdul Kalam to make India a super power by 2020. How ? It is just by nurturing patriotism in the minds of children. Every parent should take this as a great mission !