Until one becomes an adult, he or she can be influenced through concerted and continued counsel. At the same time, it needs tactful strategy with truthful concern. But unfortunately, most parents lack these requirements.
This is mainly because, in urban areas as both the parents are mostly employed, they hardly spend enough time with the children. As a result, children get glued to T.V. and other gadgets. This makes them get overexposed to many subtle aspects of life without any monitoring or control. This is a common scenario in most families even if the mothers are homemakers. Further, the decline in the joint family concept has contributed to make things worse leading to unabated freedom to children.
When things start drifting and going out of hands, the slide should be arrested. Unfortunately, many parents are not prudent but take the thing lightly until it becomes difficult to handle. At that stage, out of overwhelming fear that something may go wrong, they tend to plunge into doing something in haste. But any counselling attempted to do in such a mental makeup and mind set, ends up as a futile exercise. Then there is no point in blaming the children and branding them as incorrigible! Hence, before venturing into counselling, parents should first get equipped with all the necessary insights in counselling.
The real insight is that the parents should recognise the generation gap, child’s overexposure to information and his or her own version of the problems. It is like treating ulcer and sugar patients. What is good for the first is bad for the second. Hence, no doctor can give common treatment to both. In the same way, each child’s problem should be tackled individually but not uniformly.