We know all five fingers are not equal. We also know, all birds cannot fly very high. But the truth is, all the fingers have grown, and all the birds have flown! This is exactly what everyone should realise!
Everyone has talent, more so Indians! But then, why are we now nowhere when it comes to inventions and discoveries? Once a glorious nation in every field, why are we called ‘developing country’ today? Undoubtedly, it is because of scarcity of excellence at work.
Mediocrity is rampant in the whole country. Why does this pathetic scenario prevail? It’s because of lack of vision and passion to excel
.The great visionary of modern India, Dr. Abdul Kalam said most powerful words : Small aim is a crime. This does not mean that everyone should be a Bill Gates or Einstein.
Irrespective of what one is, one should do everything with excellence. Read Martin Luther King Jr’s magical words on the previous page. Even if it is a sweeper’s job, one should excel in it!
The Nation’s future is in the hands of its children. And if they are excellent at work, the country will prosper with all round development. Hence, my dear parent, the ball is in your court! You have to groom your children right from the K.G. class. Teach them the secret of becoming synonymous with excellence! Guide them to learn to paste even a label with excellence. Whether it is handwriting, upkeep of books and racks, attire, playing, preparing for Exams, scoring marks, making education models, writing records, speaking on and off stage, language, behaviour    whatever, it should be tagged with excellence and only excellence!